• Art Basel Miami Beach - USA

    Untitled 2018 from Rirkrit Tiravanija

  • Basel Switzerland - 2018

    Summer Night’s Gala

  • Brussels City Museum - Belgium

    The original statue Manneken-Pis

  • Middelheim Museum Antwerp - Belgium

    Le bruit des choses

  • Rijksmuseum Twenthe - The Netherlands

    Exhibition in Twenthe

  • MAS | Museum aan de Stroom Antwerp - Belgium

    Happy Birthday Dear Academie


Welcome to the portfolio of gilders Christophe Van Houtvin & Eline Moustie from Atelier Vanduca. You can discover our golden walls en gold leaf gilding works...

Christophe Van Houtvin & Eline Moustie are Beglian based gold leaf gilders and artisans. They have been creating their unique gilded and engraved artworks since 2000. More information from other projects can you find on www.ateliervanduca.be.

Gilding has been from ancient times one of the most appreciative forms of decorations and creativity.

Gilding is the laying of leaf of gold, silver and imitation gold (copper or aluminium) on a prepared surface. Pure gold leaf is almost practically transparent and it can be thinned to 0.0001 millimeter.

For centuries gilders have applied gold leaf to furniture, objects of arts, religious arts, medieval manuscripts, cathedrals and homes, accomplishing the task in secret. Gold on furnishings initially served as an expression of power, but later on it was used commonly as a relief from the lack of shininess of the wood.

The purity of gold is determined by its karat.

Pure gold

Pure gold is 24 karat and it is used for exterior or interior gilding works. The lesser the karat, the lighter the color of gold (indoor gilt works only). The richer - warmer color is 23k red gold, brighter colors are 18k (lemon gold) and 16k (pale green gold). 12 karat white gold is a fusion of twelve parts of pure gold and twelve parts of silver.

Silver leaf

Silver leaf is used only for interior works and it tarnishes in contact or when exposed to air. The varnish will protect the silver leafed surface from oxidation.

Palladium leaf

Palladium leaf is a precious metal of the platinum family and it’s a bit darker then silver leaf. It is a good replacement for silver because it will not oxidize. It is great for interior wall decoration and furnishings.

Imitation gold leaf

Imitation gold leaf is a leaf of the bronze, aluminium or copper and it is used where the pure gold is needed but where the budget will not allow use of pure gold. It must be varnished to prevent oxidation.

Take a moment to look through the gallery, and get in touch for more information.